• Stetson Forge Montana Knives


    Each blade is individually crafted to meet my high standards. I'm a 4th generation rancher, and I take my equipment very seriously. If something fails me, I'll never buy that brand again. A knife is one of a rancher's most-used tools, which is why I build my blades to cut through the toughest jobs.

  • Stetson Forge Montana Knives


    A fixed blade should turn heads, and not in just the Crocodile Dundee kind of way. My knives are the combination of a brawny Montana resilience and an elegant western artistry. I want you to be able to wear your ultimate conversation-starter on your hip for any occasion.

  • Stetson Forge Montana Knives


    I'm so confident about my knives that each blade comes with a lifetime guarantee. I want you to use them, without having to worry about them. These knives are built to outlast you, your children, and get passed onto your grandchildren. Each blade is carefully crafted with this end goal in mind.

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