Forging a Montana Legacy

My Legacy Policy

My knives are made to be used!

They're built to get dirty, while lookin' purdy. When you purchase a blade from me, you become a part of my Legacy Program. This allows you to send me your knife twice per year and I'll clean it up, sharpen it, and send it back. Just pay the postage, and your knife can get a fresh look!

To get your knife cleaned up and/or sharpened, reach out to me at

Meet the Stetsons

We're a ranching family based in the heart of South central Montana, currently raising the 5th generation of ranchers. Our traditions are rooted deeply in our love for all things western, agricultural diversity, sustainable beef practices, and expert craftsmanship. We hope to pass these traditions on just as they were handed down to us.

Stetson Ranches

Stetson Ranches

Nestled on the banks for the Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone, Stetson Ranches is a family run operation that raises premium beef, top-tier hemp, proudly bred quarter horses, and an dream-like wedding venue. Stetson Forge proudly operates on the ranch. To learn more about Stetson Ranches, check out the website.

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