• How often do you do knife drops?

    I try to create one-of-a-kind collections on a regualr basis. I would like to be able to do one a month, but I'm also a rancher & father. The main thing, is I don't rush my work. Subscribe to my updates to be the first to know when a new collection is coming out.

  • How much do they cost?

    My limited edition knives are the very best I have to offer. The prices are a fair reflection of the costs that go into them.

  • Do you make custom replicas of any of your limited editions?

    I build them as one-of-a-kind knives, so for that reason I don't do repeat designs.

  • Will my knife come with a sheath?

    Yes, all pricing includes your choice of a canted pancake style or vertical/horizontal sheath and includes shipping.

  • Can I get a custom-tooled sheath?

    You can customize the design on your sheath for a small additional charge. Check out the options here:

  • What styles of sheaths can I pick from?

    All of my sheaths are made from heavy saddle leather. You can choose from horizontal, vertical, or a canted pancake carrying style. These are all available in (4) different colors.

  • Will you reach out to me for further customization?

    Yes - once a custom knife order is placed, we'll reach out to confirm your options. As long as it still fits the specs and blade material in your order, we can take care of further customizations such as the handle options once we chat.

  • Why aren't there pictures of all the blade/handle options?

    Good question! Since we're a custom shop, there are too many variants to add them all at once. We will keep updating the website with new examples of options as we make them. If you have something specific in mind, let us know via email:

    Click here to reach out 
  • How do I pick my segmented handle?

    Once I begin your order, I'll will reach out and show you what is in stock. I keep hundreds of handles (scales) in stock at all times. Pick the colors/styles you like, and we will send you all of the options we have in those colors.

  • How long do they stay sharp?

    There is a lifetime guarantee on construction, as long as you're not using it as a screwdriver or to pry stuff. You've surely got less expensive tools for those jobs. That's how broken tips happen, which we don't cover.

  • Will you warrantee/guarantee my blade?

    All our blades are guaranteed to hold an edge well and can be easily sharpened for life.

  • Do they damage easily?

    These knives are built to take a beating.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Once I've started on your blade, that means your materials have been purchased. I very rarely issue refinds after this has been started. I'm a custom knife shop with a custom process, so please be understanding of my business contraints. Circumstances sometimes demand that I;m not able to be in the knife shpo as regularly. I also run a large family ranch with many aspects that don't happen in a vaccuum. Just know once you've purchased a knife from me, we're both committed to your one-of-a-kind piece.