Own This Exclusive Blade

For the price of a sticker, you could be wearing this one-of-a-kind blade on your belt! We're holding a giveaway. Each sticker you buy gets you one entry into our drawing. We'll hold the drawing on March 31, 2022, so don't wait too long to load up on some stickers!

  • Maverick Blade

    There's no lack of applications for a maverick blade. Whether you're field-dressing an elk, cleaning a fish, or opening an Amazon package, this blade gets the job done. This is one of our most versatile designs, and can handle whatever you put it through. It's a work of art, but built to work.

  • Raindrop Damascus

    There are few blades more durable than Damascus-forged knives. Repeated heat-treating produces a blade with superior integrity. The layered construction accommodates one of the sharpest edges you can find, all decorated with a beautiful raindrop pattern.

  • Segmented Handle

    This knife handle has been cut to the perfect size so that it balances perfectly in the palm of your hand. After you hold this knife in your hand, turn the lights off and watch it glow in the dark. You'll be hard-pressed to find a knife with a more comfortable grip.

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