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    This is your all-around cutting, carving, slicing, and stabbing knife.  It’s perfectly balanced and exhibits everything that Montana has to offer – it's rugged, wild, and gorgeous!  Featuring premium “DarkMai (Coppermascus)” a very unique "GoMai" layup. The billet was crafted by Baker Forge & Tool in the hills of North Carolina.  80crv2 is used for both the cladding and core material. Coppermascus is used in between these layers as an accent.  

    Essentially, this blade has extreme edge retention that will allow you to gut, skin, and debone an animal without having the hassles of resharpening.  When crafting this knife, I wanted to ensure that I captured the rugged beauty of my home state, while adding modern coloring throughout the scales (handle material).  If you look closely at the blade you can see the thousands of layers of pattern weld that were carefully molded to give you the best all-around performance blade. This blade gets its name from being the biggest, baddest skinner I've made to date. Seemed fitting. 

    Ships with a 1 oz. tin of Axe Wax for maintenance, a WorkSharp Pivot Sharpener, all of my stickers, and Stetson Forge’s lifetime guarantee, along with a certificate of authenticity.  Featuring scales made by Wood By Mohler.

    Overall Length (OAL): 8 inches
    Cutting Edge Length: 3 7/8 inches
    Grip Length: 4 inches
    HRC: 60

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    Stetson Forge