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    The granddaddy of all bull cutters!  This thing has more curb appeal than Junior Bonner drivin’ an old school Cadillac towin’ an inline bumper pull horse trailer. 

    The blade steel is made from Chevron CopperMai, the billet layout uses triple alloy Coppermascus cladding on a mono core. During the forging process, a chevron pattern is incorporated into the billet for a truly unique look!  Coppermascus was developed in 2020 by BakerForge by designing a fusion welding process for copper to carbon steel without the use of pure nickel. The result is a far stronger bond as shown during shear testing. The Coppermascus is comprised of copper with alternating layers of 15n20 and 1084 for unique contrasts.  So much time and effort to achieve this one-of-a-kind look! When I look at this unique pattern I see the upper and lower jaws of the fabled North American Direwolf. 

    It’s incredibly difficult to get this pattern centered within a blade’s surface much less allow for the smithing process to showcase the deep Chevron pattern waves you see featured here.  Featuring scales made by Wood by Mohler, I am proud to be able to offer this blade with my lifetime guarantee.  This is not only a beautiful collector model but the perfect EDC.  My bull cutters are built not just for cutting but also prying.  They are incredibly stout, built to stay purdy while gettin’ dirty!

    Ships with a 1 oz. tin of Axe Wax for maintenance, a WorkSharp Pivot Sharpener, all of my stickers, and Stetson Forge’s lifetime guarantee, along with quality that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Certificate of authenticity included. 

    Overall length (OAL): 7 Inches

    Cutting Edge Length: 3 ½

    Grip Length: 3 1/2

    HRC: 60

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    Stetson Forge