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    This is the ultimate caping knife. More than just a coyote caper - the Chupacabra of coyote capers.  Modeled to reflect everything that made the Old Timer Sharpfinger timeless, its skinning capabilities are frankly second to none.  Featuring a nice upward swing in the tip to ensure surgical precision, El Chupacabra will cape any large game animal faster than all of your buddies'. 

    The blade steel is Raindrop CopperMai from the wizards at Baker Forge & Tool located in the hills of North Carolina.  This unique billet layout uses triple alloy Coppermascus cladding on an 80crv2 core. During the forging process, raindrops are incorporated into the billet for a truly unique look. This knife will have exceptional edge retention allowing for long periods between sharpening, however, it’s not hard enough that the end user cannot actually resharpen it themselves. 

    Ships with a 1 oz. tin of Axe Wax for maintenance, a WorkSharp Pivot Sharpener, all of my stickers, and a certificate of authenticity. Featuring scales made by Wood By Mohler, I’m proud to be able to sell this bad boy with my lifetime guarantee.

    Overall length (OAL): 7 3/8 inches

    Cutting Edge Length: 3 ½ inches

    Handle/Grip Area: 3 5/8

    HRC: 60

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    Stetson Forge