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    Talk about a sleek little blade. These Saddletramp model blades are forged to work. I had a little bit of fun choosing the scales for this farrier rasp blade. The colors reminded me of an old Mexican saddle blanket. Never knew what became of that blanket, but I can tell you what'll become of this blade. It won't last long. And there's only one like it!

    Blade Steel: Farrier Rasp
    Handle Material: Mexican Blanket Micarta, brass/TruStone Spacer, Koa wood, G10 liners
    Cutting Edge: 3 ¾ inches
    Grip Length: 3 ¼ inches
    HRC 59
    O.A.L.: 7 ¼ inches
    Price Includes heavy-duty leather sheath & shipping
    Lifetime Guarantee on Craftsmanship

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    Stetson Forge